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Songs of St. Olaf

SKU: E 2298
Songs that are cherished by the St. Olaf Community More details...
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Songs of St. Olaf
Songs of St. Olaf
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Product Details:

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A collection of many of the favorite fight songs, hymns and signature pieces as well as other significant songs in the history of St. Olaf College.  They represent the traditions in sports, music and worship, all of which have played a major role in the life of the college.   This recording features the St. Olaf Choir, the St. Olaf Band, the St. Olaf Orchestra, the St. Olaf Chapel Choir, the St. Olaf Cantorei, the Mantou Singer and the Viking Chorus from 1998/1999.

1. Onward St. Olaf- Viking Chorus and the St. Olaf Band listen now!
2. Um Yah Yah- Viking Chorus and the St. Olaf Band listen now!
3. The College of Our Fathers- The Chapel Choir listen now!
4. High on Manitou Heights- The St. Olaf Choir (Amanda Johnson-Smith soloist) listen now!
5. Fram! Fram! St. Olaf- The St. Olaf Choir listen now!
6. Earth and All Stars- The St. Olaf Cantorei listen now!
7. The Turtle Dove- The St. Olaf Orchestra listen now!
8. The Blessing- The Manitou Singers listen now!
9. Beautiful Savior- The St. Olaf Choir (Kelly Becker-Sorkin soloist) listen now!
10. Were You There- The Viking Chorus listen now!
11. Valdres March- The St. Olaf Band listen now!
12. Ja, vi elsker dette landet- The Chapel Choir and the St. Olaf Band listen now!

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